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Kendra Allen’s ‘Global Warming’ quilt

Posted in news,Quilts,White Lotus Quilting studio by whitelotusquilting on April 10, 2007
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Kendras global warming quilt

Kendra's global warming quilt



It might not be news to any of you local quilters but I thought I’d pass along the good news to our farther-flung friends.  Kendra Allen’s ‘Global Warming’ quilt, about the plight of drowning polar bears, won the blue ribbon for its category, group art quilt, in the Kitsap Quilter’s Guild show this past February.
I feel like a proud parent because Kendra laid this quilt top out in my studio before she pieced it together; and I had the privilege of quilting it when she was done.  To me this is a wonderful confirmation of the value of collaboration.  As artists we inspire and reanimate each other with excitement for our medium and perhaps even encourage each other to try new mediums of expression.
If you haven’t discovered Gwen Marston or Freddy Moran yet, why not try their joint book, called ‘Collaborative Quilting’?  It’s a great exploration of how quilt artists influence each other and a great reference book for Gwen’s and Freddy’s designs.  And of course it’s a great coffee table book, a book of bright colorful designs to leaf through on a rainy day.  Not that we have many of those in the Northwest or anything. 🙂