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Meet the new staff member

Posted in news,Sheltie staff by whitelotusquilting on March 5, 2009

When I first started my business, I jokingly added a ‘staff’ section to the navigation bar on my website.  If you click on it, there’s a whole section of dog pictures.  They’re my administrative assistants, order-takers, greeters, and sometimes take over the filing too.  They insist on frequent snack breaks :).

We’ve added a new puppy to the mix.  Her picture is featured on last week’s Kona Bay Fabrics blog, because her name is, well, Kona Bay.  And we definitely need some kind of caffeine to keep up with her!


Kona Bay the tri-color Sheltie puppy

Kona Bay the tri-color Sheltie puppy

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  1. Douglas said,

    What a great name for a dog!! She is sooooooooooooo cute and looks so lovable!!

    Here at Kona Bay Fabrics, we are so honored to have her named for us.

    Please give her a biscuit on us:)



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