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New pantograph available at Urban Elementz!

Posted in news by whitelotusquilting on March 27, 2012
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I’ve been working on pantograph designs with Patricia Ritter, the owner of Urban Elementz, and the first pantograph, called Nautilus, is now available on her site.  Click here to see it!

Nautilus sketches - 1

A pantograph is a pattern that goes onto a long arm sewing machine and is either stitched out by hand (by tracing the pattern with a laser) or by computer (if you have one on your machine — I don’t).  After many hours of stitching freehand I’ve developed some favorite motifs that I think make great pantographs, and I’ve been working with Patricia to develop the designs, and she’s been digitizing them.  So the patterns are available in both paper and digital formats for those of you who have mid or long arm sewing machines and want to stitch them.

More pictures and posts to come as I stitch these out on a few quilts.  Plus there has been so much going on here at the studio that I haven’t taken the time to upload pictures — just rest assured that things haven’t gone quiet for a lack of activity, but rather the opposite!  We’ve been working on American Hero Quilts over the past year and have donated almost a dozen to the cause.  There have been lots of client quilts too — and awards.  Not only did quilts that I’ve worked on win Best Machine Quilting last year and this year at the Kitsap Guild show — but also a Grand Champion at the Puyallup.

Happy stitching all!

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