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Latest pantograph from Urban Elements

Posted in my pantographs,news by whitelotusquilting on January 4, 2013
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It was a busy year here in the studio, and personally as well.  Let’s just say that we used all sorts of insurance we haven’t for a number of years (household, car, and unemployment), and survived two tax audits.  Needless to say I’m quite glad that 2012 is over and despite my husband being out of work at the moment I feel somehow hopeful that 2013 can be a better year for us.

One of the bright spots in our troubled 2012  is the amazing Patricia Ritter at Urban Elementz.  Not only has she been a source of digitizing inspiration in her quilting designs, but she has helped me develop sketches into works of beauty.  She’s encouraging and reassuring and a general source of calm.  We have several jointly designed pantographs out now from her website and I thought you might like to see them.  Here’s the link to my designs with her: my pantographs.

Eventually I’ll figure out a way to put some of the graphics here, but in the meantime, enjoy a pic of my ‘stacked snailz’ pantograph stitched out on a little quilt (kits to be available soon on Etsy).  Happy new year all!

double four-patch tutorial - 59

Little double four-patch quilt stitched with my ‘stacked snailz’ pantograph

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