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Stacked Snailz pantograph

Posted in my pantographs,news by whitelotusquilting on January 5, 2013
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Okay, so I think I figured out how you can see some of Patricia’s brilliance over at Urban Elementz.  Here’s one of our newer pantographs together, Stacked Snailz, the one I used on the little double four-patch quilt.

stacked snailz pantograph

Stacked Snailz pantograph by Marybeth O’Halloran and Patricia Ritter, available at

And while I’m remembering to mention it, I started pinterest pinboards on each of the pantographs I’ve worked on so you can see some of the designs inspirations and sources.  Here’s the one for this pantograph: stacked snailz pinterest board.

The designs are available in paper and digital forms, and if you want a particular custom size printed out, they can take care of it for you.  Patricia has a wonderful cheerful staff that’s there to help.

Here’s another pic of the sweet little double four-patch with this quilting:

double four-patch tutorial - 58

It makes a great quilting pattern on quilts that will get a lot of use and washes, well-balanced and fairly dense.

Happy quilting all!